Cody Svoboda

Cranberry Cocktail

Science Concept: A base changes the color of an indicator.




Is anyone thirsty? Well after doing all these experiments I sure am. Hum, I feel like some cranberry juice. Yea, that sounds good. Wait, I've changed my mind, I really wish I could have some lime Gatorade, but how am I going to get that, all I have is cranberry juice. Wait I know what I can do, let me try this. You know, now that I made that, I feel like cranberry juice again, let me try getting the cranberry juice back.


The cranberry juice has a specific molecule in it that acts as an acid-base indicator and has the ability to change colors depending on the amount of acid or base present. The cranberry juice however is acidic and when the acid and the indicator mix, the original red color that you associate cranberry juice is shown. The sodium hydroxide pellets are a base, so when the acid and the base mix together they neutralize each other. However, now there is an excess of sodium hydroxide in the liquid, which reacts with the indicator and changes the color to green. When an acid (the vinegar) is added to the liquid again it neutralizes the extra base and provides extra acid. The indicator then turns the liquid back to a red color again.

Waste Disposal:

This solution is able to go down the drain. Nothing in the solution will cause any damage to the sink or drains.


-Always wear goggles when doing this experiment.

-Use safety when stirring the solution together so no solution splashes up into your eyes or on you body.

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