Science Demonstrations

Edited by Dr. Charles E. Ophardt
Chemistry Department, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Il 60126

 ****If you try some of these demonstrations, please practice proper safety precautions and do them with the supervision of an adult or teacher.****
Original references may have been lost in some cases.

 Demonstrations with Home / Grocery Store Materials


Mysterious Ice
Layers of Liquids
Layers of Liquids (II)
Egg Densities - sugar water/oil
Smart Eggs - salt water and acid
Floating Eggs - sugar and water
Floating Spheres
Lava Lamp
Underwater Smoke Stack
Floating objects in water

 Pressure / Gases

Can Crusher
Hanging water
Magic Leaky Bottle - bottle with holes
Egg in a Bottle
Magic Candle
Upside down glass in water
Balloon in Flask
Battle of Two Balloons
Balloon Blown Up inside Bottle
Film Can Space Shuttle
Blow up Balloon with Lemon
Floating Ping Pong Ball

 Vinegar and Baking Soda

Dancing Raisins
Fire Extinguisher
King Kong's Hand
Instant Suds
Production of Foam



Disappearing Cup
Peanut Race
Needle Through a Balloon
Ice on a String
Shiny Pennies
Solid Water
Vitamin C Clock Reaction
Black and White Reaction
Flaming Wood Split - Oxygen and CO2
Fireproof Balloon
Laws of Inertia
Mystery Powders
Silly Putty - Elmer's Glue
Snow Globe


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