Science Demonstrations

Edited by Dr. Charles E. Ophardt
Chemistry Department, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Il 60126

 ****If you try some of these demonstrations, please practice proper safety precautions and do them with the supervision of an adult or teacher.****
Original references may have been lost in some cases.


 Demonstrations Requiring Chemicals from a Laboratory

 Elements and Simple Compounds

Burning Magnesium
Disappearing Blue - Iodine and starch
Magic Hand - Iodine and starch
Vitamin C Stain Remover
Iron to Copper
Reveal Finger Prints - Iodine Sublimation
Swimming with Sodium
Can Ripper
Hydrogen Balloon
Hydrogen Gas in Test Tube
Auminum Burner


Nylon rope
Poly Urethane Foam
Slime - Guar Gum
Gaviscon Snakes
Ghostbusters - Polyvinyl alcohol slime
Siphon Polymer

 Chemical Reactions

Color Changing Powders
Colored Bottles - three types
Colored Bottle - two indicators
Elephant Toothpaste
Quick Gold - Arsenic Sulfide
Magic Pitcher
Pick a Drink
Fruit Punch
Fruit Punch to Milk
Water to Milk
Genie in the bottle
Magic Wound
Mud and Blood
Night into Sunrise
Red, White, and Blue reaction
Tornado Reaction
Traffic Light
Cylinder of Blood
Cylinder of Rust
Battery Blue
Thionin - Two Face Reaction

 Solubility/ Polarity

Sulfur Snow
Powder Glove
Deep Purple Magic


 Acids and Bases

Hidden Message - Acid/Base Indicators
Color without Crayons
Instant Suds
Lemon Shell Game
Rainbow in a Cylinder
Rainbow Reaction - second type
Reaction in a Baggie
Barbie Soap or Dracula Blood
Magic Breath - CO2 and Limewater
Cranberry Cocktail to Lime juice
Disappearing Ink


Seeing Through Paper
Solid Water
Chemical Garden
Bottle Fountain
Bottle Fountain with Color Changes
Burning Money
Chemiluminescence - Glow in the Dark
Chemiluminescence - Glow in the Dark - Second type
Cold Pak

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