Recent Student-Faculty Collaborative Projects

A Simple Method for Examining Light Induced Photosynthesis in Spinach Chloroplasts.
Paige Tsuda with Dr. Johanson

The Heck Reaction: A Green Synthesis of p-bromocinnamic acid using Microwave Irradiation.
Michelle Fleetwood with Dr. Losey

Developing a Green Chemistry Laboratory Procedure for the Heck Reaction
Julie Broaddus with Dr. Losey

The Determination of Nitrate in Ground Water Using Various Methods
Micaela Shawlee with Dr. Applebee

Analyzing Herbal Teas for Polyphenolic Content: A Comparison of Green and White Teas
Maleha Khan with Dr. Lawler-Sagarin

Modifications of Gas Chromatographs with Flame Ionization Detectors (GC-FID) for Nonylphenol Analysis
Zack Hund with Dr. Applebee in collaboration with Dr. Marsh (Biology)

The Study of Proton Uptake in Spinach Leaves Using Various Light Sources
Jacqueline Guidara with Dr. Johanson

The Determination of Nitrate in Ground Water Using Various Methods
Micaela Shawlee with Dr. Applebee

Analysis of Anthocyanins in Blueberries Using Visible Spectroscopy - Modifying an Experiment for and Undergraduate Laboratory
Kathryn Alexander with Dr. Lawler-Sagarin

Computational Studies of Layered Metal Oxides
Jared Kafader with Dr. Lawler-Sagarin

Detection of Mushroom Ttyrosinase Oxidation with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Yuliana Stasyuk with Dr. Johanson

Analysis of Nitrate Contamination in Natural and Potable Water Sources
Emily Brislawn with Dr. Applebee

Synthesis and Computational Studies of the Main Component of Tyrian Purple: 6,6'-dibromoindigo
Katherine Lupo with Dr. Lawler-Sagarin

Synthesis and Characterization of 6-bromoindigo
Calix Sholander with Dr. Lawler-Sagarin in collaboration with Dr. Losey

Mushroom Tyrosinase: An Experiment for Undergraduate Biochemistrty Students
Kathryn Pilson with Dr. Johanson

Measuring the Change in pH of Chloroplasts During Photosynthesis
Jennifer DePirro with Dr. Johanson

Determination of Tannin Concentration in Select Wine Samples
Amanda Andersen and Megan Johnson with Dr. Losey

Determination of the ΔH of Adsorption of Methylene Blue on Activated Carbon
Andrew DeJarnette with Dr. Lawler-Sagarin

Quantification of Capsaicin in Hot Sauces
Robert Runnels with Dr. Applebee