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WRITE NAMES, given the structure

 1. Root Name: Identify the longest continuous carbon chain and assign a root name. (A ring requires the prefix "cyclo-".
 2. Functional group: Identify the functional group and determine the appropriate ending for the root.
 3. Number the carbons, so that the carbon with the functional group (or branch) will have the lowest number. In front of the root name, write the position of the carbon with the functional group, if necessary.
 4. Hydrocarbon Branches: Identify and write any hydrocarbon branches with "-yl" endings and their position numbers, if any.
 5. Inorganic Groups: Identify and write any inorganic groups and their positions, if any.
 6. Final Name: In the names, hyphens separate numbers and names; commas separate two or more numbers, and word parts are NOT separated except in ethers and esters.

WRITE STRUCTURES, given the name

1. Root Name: Write the number of carbons according to the root name (A ring is indicated by the prefix "cyclo-".
2. Number the carbons: Assign a number to each carbon of the root (most of the time - left to right)
 3. Functional group: Write the functioinal group as indicated by the endingof the rootname at the appropriate position. (Indicated by the nature of the functional groups or the position number given front of the name.
 4. Hydrocarbon Branches: Write any hydrocarbon branches at the appropriate position number, if any.
 5. Inorganic Groups: Write any inorganic groups at the appropriate positions, if any.
 6. Complete the structure by adding the appropriate numbers of hydrogens to each carbon. (Carbon must have four bonds)