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Carbon Dioxide and Fossil Fuels

Carbon Dioxide Concentrations in the Atmosphere

The burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline, coal, oil, natural gas in combustion reactions results in the production of carbon dioxide.

Review Combustion Reaction -

Compare Carbon Dioxide Concentration -in the Atmosphere, and graphics on the left and below which relate to fossil fuel consumption to draw a possible conclusion about a correlation between the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the use of fossil fuels in electric power plants, industrial plants, commercial and residential properties, trains, trucks, and automobiles.

Overall QUES. What is the evidence that the use of fossil fuels, which produces carbon dioxide, is causing an increased Greenhouse effect and global warming?

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World Carbon Dioxide Emissions:

Two other interesting graphics show the world colored by carbon dioxide emissions in 1950 and 1990. Look at some differences in various countries, look for an increase in the red color the highest emission of carbon dioxide. Also take into account that the color legends have changed in the two graphics.

(Source Andres RJ, Marland G, Fung I, Matthews E (1996) A 1 degree x 1 degree distribution of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel consumption and cement manufacture, 1950-1990. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 10:419-429.)